Melura's Tears

Session 4: A Pirate's Plight

Last of the Black Skull Pirates

Nearing Midnight, Tammard 3rd, 12 AY

  • Destruction of the Skeletal Carver
  • Survivors of the Black Skulls: Jane, Billy Two-Coppers, and Mroar Tresshr
  • The Altar of Dagon, Demonlord of the Black Depths: Where Vax learned Dagon is now marginalized by the abundant worship of Melura; Dagon demands ever-more blood sacrifice in return for boons and treasure until a society collapses under either its bloodlust or civil uprising; Dagon is known to be worshiped by evil aquatic creatures in the past including sahuagin, deep ones, demons, and certain starspawn
  • Stubborn Zombies
  • Captain “Grim” Gibbs Blackwell, a Tale of a Traitorous Crewman
  • The Squamous Door
  • Orion’s Journal, Pirate Suspicions, and the Tentacle-as-Key
  • An Unfriendly Parting of Ways
  • Octo-Slide into The Desecrated Temple…

NPCs: Jane Blackwell (Human), Captain “Grim” Gibbs Blackwell (Human), Billy Two-Coppers (Human), and Mroar Tresshr (Half-Orc)

Monsters: Skeletal Guardian, Zombies

Loot: +5 bullets from Jane and +3 from short-resting with Al-I (Dexter), Healing Potion from Billy Two-Coppers (Al-I),


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